SAQ transmission of July 3rd, 2016

by Alberto I2PHD                                  

This time SAQ was received with an SDR receiver that does not make use of a PC.

It was used my project ARM Radio, whose details and source code you can find here :

The RF signal is passed through an anti alias filter, then sent to the STM Discovery board,
with an ARM Cortex M4F CPU, that does the digitizing using the on-chip ADCs, then the
digitized signal is downsampled to 24 kHz, then filtered
and demodulated.
The audio is then played through the DAC on board of the ARM chip.

The audio of the transmission can be heard here


ARM Radio tuned to the SAQ station



An excerpt of the audio signal as received by that board :


This board is an ideal tool for the experimenters. It can be bought directly from STM for about 24 USD.
If you get hold of one, you can download and modify the source code of my project ARM Radio to expand
it with new functionalities.


73  Alberto  I2PHD