SAQ transmission of July 2nd, 2023
The 17.2 kHz SAQ transmission was received by Alberto I2PHD in JN45sl by connecting the mini whip antenna by PA0RDT (modified with the substitution of the original J310 FET with a Crystalonix CP644, and with the increase of the capacitance of the coupling capacitors) to the input of a Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD USB audio device, passing through a galvanic insulator.
The software used was HDSDR under Windows 10.
This is a short video showing a few seconds of the reception, done using the HDSDR software.
was a modified
This is the complete CW message as received from the SAQ
This is a document describing the original (PA0RDT) mini whip antenna
This is a page describing an improved version of the mini whip antenna, as used at the Twente Web SDR.
The signal coming fronm the mini whip was coupled to the Behringer device through a galvanic insulator, to stop common mode interferences, and in a balanced way, through the XLR connector.Double click to edit
This is the Alexanderson alternator, that directly   generates the 17.2 kHz signal, with a power of 200 kW.
The signal
The Behringer UMC202HD USB audio device