SAQ transmission of November 16th, 2022
The 17.2 kHz SAQ transmission was received by Alberto I2PHD in JN45sl using the sound chip of a Dell PC with Windows 10, connected directly to a PA0RDT mini whip antenna, and sampling at 48 kS/sec.
The antenna was a modified mini whip, with a Crystalonics CP644 FET used instead of the usual J310.
Also the capacitor values were increased to 1 uF, much better for the VLF.
This is a screen shot of an instant of the reception, done using the HDSDR software.
was a modified
This is the complete CW message as received from the SAQ
This is a document describing the mini whip antenna
This is a page describing a modified version of the mini whip antenna, as used at the Twente Web SDR.